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Most of these men who enlisted in the 40th Reg't. Company "H" were from the Leake County area, including Captain Parrott, the Johnson's and my Ancestor, 1st Sgt. & 2nd Lt; William D. Henson.

Source: Typescript, plastic wand bound, Attala Co., Miss. Regional Library, Kosciusko, MS, Genealogy Room. No preface, face sheet or publication date. Companies A-K were named, Company given, and Rank.

Colonels of the 40th Reg't: Wallace Bruce Colbert, George P. Wallace, James R. Childress
Lieutenant - Colonels: Josiah A. P. Campbell, George P. Wallace.
Majors: Enoch McDonald, Robert B. Campbell, killed at Vicksburg; W. McD. Gibbons, killed at Peachtree Creek.

Organized: 7th March, 1862 , by Captain: William S. Parrott
First Lieutenant: L. Sparkman
Second Lieutenant: Z. Perry
Third Lieutenant: E.N. Chamber

Alderman, James, Pvt.
Anglin, Jeff, Pvt.
Barnes, J.A., Pvt.
Barns, Henry, Pvt.
Benge, Jonathan B., Pvt.
Bilbro, Thomas, Pvt.
Brooks, Robert, Pvt.
Browning, S.H., Pvt.
Calloway, J.R., Pvt.
Carr, J.A., Pvt.
Carter, W.W., Pvt.
Chambers, Edward H., 3rd Sergeant
Collier, Henry, Sergeant Major
Com. H, F., S ?
Crosley, S.T., Pvt.
Davidson, John C., Pvt.
Dement, J.P., Pvt.
Dew, Marcum, Pvt.
Dew, Thomas, Pvt.
Edmonds, Lewis T., Pvt
Edmonds, R.J., Pvt.
Eure, Fletcher P., Pvt.
Farmer, A.C., Pvt.
Gainey, Charles P., Pvt.
Goins, Thomas G., Corporal
Gunn, John A., Pvt.
Hammell, J.W., Pvt.
Hardin, J.M., jr. 2nd Lieutenant
Henson, W.D., 1st Sergeant/2nd Lieutenant
Holmes, Julius, Pvt.
Hoover, Geo., Pvt.
Hoover, John, Pvt.
Houston, J.F., Pvt.
Houston, John P., Pvt.
Jackson, E.C., Pvt.
Jennings, Robert, Pvt.
Johnson, C.H., Pvt.
Johnson, John R., Pvt.
Johnson, Samuel G., Pvt.
Johnson S. Gray, Pvt.
Johnson, W.C., Pvt.
Johnson, Wm. C., Pvt.
Kelly, Wm. R., Pvt.
Langford, F.F., Pvt.
Langford, Abner H., Pvt.
Langford, J.E., Pvt.
Langford, Phillip B., Sergeant
Langford, Young M., Pvt.
Lay, Marion C., Corporal
Lewis, Henry F., Pvt.
Lewis, John R., Pvt.
Lewis, Joseph, Pvt.
Majors, Daniel, Corporal
Majors, Dennis, Pvt. B & H
Majors, Henry C., Sergeant
Majors, John P., Pvt.
Mays, John, Pvt.
Mays, W.S., Pvt.
McCarty, O.D., Pvt.
McCarty, Thomas, Pvt.
McCurdy, Jas. A., Pvt.
McCurdy, Wm. R., Pvt.
McDuff, Andrew J., Pvt.
McDuff, P.F., Pvt.
Moreman, J.M., Pvt.
Moss, A.H., Pvt.
Moss, Benj. F., Corporal
Moss, C.L., Pvt.
Newton, Edward N., Pvt.
Newton, John M., Sergeant
Owens, Charles P., Pvt.
Parrott, Wm. S., Captain
Partridge, Nat.? or Matt A., Pvt.
Pearson, B.W., Musician
Peterson, D.J., Pvt.
Pettigrew, James F?, Pvt.
Pettigrew, John N., Pvt.
Pigg, George W., Pvt.
Rheinwald, J.S., Pvt.
Rhinewald, Henderson H., Pvt.
Robinson, H.O., Pvt.
Robinson, Jas. S., Pvt.
Robinson, Thomas, Pvt.
Sanders, L.M., Pvt.
Sharp, Martial H., Pvt.
Sharp, W.M., Pvt.
Slay, Alex, Pvt.
Slay, Dewey, Pvt.
Slaughter, Robert, Pvt.
Smith, Asa, Pvt.
Sones, G.W., Pvt.
Sones, T.S., Sergeant
Sones, Wm. H., Pvt?
Sparkman, Dorsey, 2nd Lieutenant
Sparkman, Lewis, 1st Lieutenant
Stubbs, Franklin M., Hospital Std., H, I, & S
Tate, T.Z., Pvt.
Temples, John, Pvt.
Tripp, John W., Pvt. H & I
Tripp, Samuel L., Pvt.
Tucker, Jeremiah D., Corporal
Wallace, Stephen, Pvt.
Ward, Benj. N., Surgeon H, F, & S
Weems, B.S., Corporal
Weems, S.C., Pvt.
White, Gilbert M.L.F., Pvt.
Wilder, Thomas F., Pvt.
York, E.J., Pvt.
York, I.S., Pvt.
York, W.D., Pvt.
Young, James H., Pvt.
Young, Wm. T., Pvt.

Notes: This is my Ancestors Service Record from Archives:

William D. Henson
40th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry, Co. H
Rank: 1st Sgt. & 2nd Lieutenant, promoted on 11-8-1862
Enlisted: March 02, 1862
American P.O.W.: April 12, 1865
Discharged: P.O.W. Camp Chase, Ohio on June 14, 1865
Wounded: September - October 1862 @ Battle of Iuka, MS.

Notes: "Signs Roll as Commanding the Company", dated: March thru at least August 1864.

Quotes: written by William D. Henson: "C.S. Special Requisition-(no.40)" "Requests for 2 tents & 2 sets tent poles".
"I have in my Company Fourteen Men entirely destitute of tents or shelter". Signed: William D. Henson, Lt. Commanding Co. "H", 40th MS. Regt."
Dated: "Received at Demofrole's, Alabama, the 3rd of May 1864".

Other Notes: Taken from the Official and Historical Statistical Register of the State of Mississippi, 1908.
"The Battle of Corinth", October 3-5, 1862
"When Price's Troops (C.S.) were falling back from the desperate assault upon the town, October 4th, a flank attack was made by Hamilton's Division (U.S.), and the Flag of the Fortieth was taken by the Seventeenth Iowa (U.S.)."

Also of note: The Colors of the 40th Reg't. is the "Vann Dorn" type Flag with a crescent moon & 13 stars inside and bordered with Yellow or Gold with a red? background. This was General Earl Van Dorn Corp Flag & the 40th at the time was under his command. During the Battle of Corinth, MS., and upon the capture of the 40th's Flag & Color Guard, October 4th, 1862, by the (U.S.) 17th Iowa Infantry, it was sent, ( not to the U.S. war department), as was precedent & required by law, (U.S. Code), but back to the State of Iowa, where to this day she still remains within the Iowa Historical Society.

Previous contacts reveal, that if there was an interest in Mississippi, they, (Iowa H.S.), may be willing to allow, for a certain time, the return of the 40th Colors back into Mississippi, at the request of a responsible Historical Society, etc. This being the first time returned in over 139 years! What do you think Mississipian's?
Joyce E. (Henson) Zoch

This file was contributed for use by:
Joyce E. (Henson) Zoch


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